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Dec. 20, 2012

Release! The LG-FCB upgrade kit is available for delivery, we have a large number of kits on stock now.

FCB / UnO ControlCenter

Not related to the LG-FCB extension kit, but also available on this website.

LG-FCB Control Center

The LG-FCB Control Center is a free editor for your LG-FCB equipped FCB1010. Both a native Mac version and a native Windows version are available. The editor design focuses on usability. It hides all of the technical details and lets you build your setup in an intuitive way. Included is a fully functional "emulator", which allows you to navigate through the banks just the way you would do it on your unit, and review the MIDI commands sent when clicking one of the switches. Next to this, you can also monitor the actual MIDI output of your FCB1010 with the LG-FCB Control Center. This means that you can watch the simulated output and the actual FCB1010 output next to each other in order to verify your downloaded setup.

View some screenshots.

FCB/UnO Control Center

The FCB/UnO Control Center has nothing to do with the LG-FCB hardware extension module, except that it is built on the same code base as the editor mentioned above. Therefore the short description above also applies to this editor. The FCB/UnO Control Center lets you manage setups for a regular FCB1010 with original Behringer firmware, or for an "UnO equipped" FCB1010. ( for more info about the UnO firmware, check out this website : ) One other difference with LG-FCB Control Center is that this editor is not free. A trial version with limited functionality can be downloaded, and a license to unlock all features can be purchased on this website for a very low price (16 Euro).

View some screenshots on Mac.
View some screenshots on Windows.
...and a "real" snapshot of a 10" netbook.
Runs ok on that one too (Resolution as low as 1024x600)

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