FCB/UnO Control Center : an overview

  • 1. Establish a MIDI connection with the FCB1010.
  • 2. One-click download and upload of setups.
  • 3. Simulate switch presses with the mouse.
  • 4. Status messages.
  • 5. View the simulated MIDI output for each preset.
  • 6. View the simulated MIDI output for both pedals.
  • 7. Compare the simulation with the actual MIDI output of your FCB1010.
  • 8. Activate MIDI monitoring of the connected FCB1010.
  • 9. LED shows expr.pedal activation for the selected preset.
  • 10. Simulate expression pedal movement with the mouse.
  • 11. Currently active bank is shown as on the FCB1010 display.
  • 12. Detection of the connected FCB1010 firmware type and version.
  • 13. Click here to switch between simulation mode, preset setup and global setup.
  • 14. LED shows dual switch relay activation for the selected preset.
  • 15. A grid view allows for super fast editing of the complete setup, using smart keyboard shortcuts.
  • 16. Click here to choose between FCB1010, FCB with UnO, or FCB with LG-FCB extension board.
  • 17. Each preset can be named, preset names are shown right above each preset switch.

FCB Control Center in preset config mode

FCB Control Center in global config mode

Preset grid view for "power" editing

  • Grid view offers a good overview of your complete setup
  • Super fast navigation and editing using the arrow buttons
  • Keyboard shortcuts for copying the value of previous preset allow for very quick dupplication of global settings.
  • Keyboard shortcuts for copy-and-increase. Assign an increasing PC value to each preset in a matter of seconds.
  • Optional display of comments for each preset. Annotate your setup for later reference.

Controller selection : one editor for 3 controllers

FCB/UnO Control Center in UnO stompbox mode

Differences with regular FCB1010 mode :
  • 1. Stompbox mode offers you 5 stompboxes on upper or lower row.
  • 2. One-click choice between a stompbox or a momentary effect.
  • 3. UnO firmware introduces a third state, "No Change", for relays and expr.pedals.
  • 4. You can specify the state of each stompbox separately for each of the presets (ON/OFF/no change).
  • 5. Stompboxes have a specific preset setup pane, making setup of the toggling CC messages a breeze.